I Want To Be A Nurse Research Paper

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My overall impression of a nurse thus far is a man or woman who knows what he or she has to do to make others feel better. Whether it be health wise or emotional wise, this person will do what they can to help. This man or woman is not above nor below any single individual. They are leaders, educators, advocates for their patients, and supporters. They are selfless in many ways and responsible for the decisions they make for their patients.
I want to be a nurse because I believe compassion is a gift from God. I believe I have gained compassion through life experiences with God, and being a nurse is one of the most compassionate jobs. I have also been through some tough times, and I did not always make the correct decisions. I want
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There is not much negative information I have learned. The positive information I have learned is that nurses have so many jobs within their career. They comfort people, educate patients and families, and help with medical procedures. To do all of these things, a nurse has to have a big heart and a wide set of skills. They also lead others such as LPNs and nurse aides and work beside doctors, physical therapists, sociologists, and nutritionists to create a better outcome for the patient. They help advocate for vaccinations and worldwide healthcare.
I feel that the nursing profession is a great career for me at this time. I am the type of person who knows what I want and that is to help people. I have always wanted to be there for someone during a hard, painful, and uncomfortable time because I know what it feels like to be alone, scared, and unsupported. I am a teenage mother and I have been through tribulations, judgment, and unfair treatment. I want to be there for people when they are in a situation that may have not been the moral thing to do, but those people are still people and everyone wants to be cared for and
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I would like to obtain a specialty certification in Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing. I am so interested in mental disorders and I would love to learn about them. I want to work in a rehabilitation center focused on drug and alcohol abuse. Usually, alcohol and drug abuse are symptoms of underlying issues that have not been dealt with. The mental disorder develops with the abuse and unresolved issues of the patient’s past. When I see a drug addict or alcoholic I try to look beyond his or her exterior, and think why this person is perpetually causing his or herself obvious pain. I believe it is because the pain of his or her past experiences is far beyond the pain of being a drug addict or alcoholic. Working in a rehabilitation will also give me more patience and understanding. I will do my best to raise my daughter with an open mind and a compassionate heart. Becoming a travel nurse is the ultimate dream for me because I would like my daughter to grow up around different surroundings often. I do not want us to become too comfortable in one place. After all, God didn’t make this world so big for us not to explore

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