Who Am I As A Leader? Essay

1778 Words Jul 19th, 2015 null Page
Who am I as a Leader? When you first become a new leader, whether it was by choice or position, you are always wondering what your followers and co-workers think of you. You wonder if you are doing things right, if your company is going to succeed, and when will be the day you fail at something. In this paper I am going to explain to you who I am as a leader, what my values are, and how I plan to change somethings in the future. The day I realized that I was a leader was the day I received an e-mail from an Airman who used to work for me. In his e-mail he described how I motivated him, pushed him to be his best, and never gave up on him. This is why I believe that I have a strong situational approach when it comes to my leadership. My primary responsibility as a situational leader is to adapt my leadership style to meet my subordinate’s needs for task direction and personal encouragement based on their changing needs (Northouse, 2013). I need to continually balance the amount of direction I give in relation to building relationships, because people’s skills and motivations are constantly changing. When this brand new Airman came into my life he was fresh out of basic training. He was moldable, uncreated, and a blank canvas. I knew that I needed to be careful on how I approached him; if I was too hard and too much like a dictator, I would have lost him and his trust, but if I was too easy he would have walked all over me and had no direction. I had to make sure…

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