When Is a Game No Longer a Game Essay

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When is a Game No Longer a Game?
Joel AJ Parker
Northwood University

Video games are becoming a huge part of a person’s life nowadays, especially children. It is no longer the world of board and card games. Many people would argue that video games do not allow a person to use their imagination. However, Will Wright would beg to differ. Wright believes that video games now allow a person to use their imagination to create their own scenarios and customize a “new life” within a game. However, I believe that he would agree that the video game world could be evolving to a point where they are no longer making “games”. There is a controversial online “game” that has the title of Second Life. Some might ask when a game stops being a game?
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Wright is the creator of the game series The Sims, which is also a virtual world game. It allows you to “live” life the way you want but in virtual way on a gaming system. Wright believes that video games have certain creativity to them that he calls a “possibility space”. The possibility space allows the player to choose what they are going to do in the game. It gives them options and outcomes from their choices. He believes that this gives the player the ability to use their creativity to choose how they want their life to turn out in the game. They have the ability to build houses and customize it, as well as their player. They have the ability to make a family and make life decisions. This game does not allow for a profit nor does it have a news section for it. It is not an online community and does not control a person’s life. This is simply a game that allows the player to create a character and make life decisions for them. It is a game that really generates creativity.
I believe that The Sims and Second Life are two different things. I grew up playing The Sims; although I was interested in the game and the creativity it allowed me to express I would never have called it my second life. The Sims gives the player options but also has rules and goals to the game. Players can build multiple homes and control many families. In Second Life, players create an avatar and away they go with almost free reign. The online community might give them a chance to show their

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