What Is The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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“Today nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone” (Smith). Cell phones are a part of everyday life in the twenty first century. Society uses them for everything from checking the weather conditions, remaining in contact with people, personal entertainment and so much more. With so many individuals in possession of this convenient device, it is no surprise that countless people use them at inappropriate times. This ad, released August of 2012 in the United Kingdom, implies that texting while driving kills in order to deter drivers, both young and old, from using cell phones while driving. The ad asking “was that txt worth it”, relies on the use of dark colors and the image of death to strike fear into drivers of all ages about the dangers of using a cell phone when operating a vehicle. The United Kingdom charity, Brake, advocates for road safety in all forms. United States based …show more content…
There is always the possibility that everyone could walk away safely, but one person could owe thousands of dollars in repairs and fines. If not that, then the concluding consequences could be disastrous for numerous people, resulting in injury or even death. Potentially, the driver could walk away without a scratch, but have to live with the fact that he or she severely injured one of their passengers or even an innocent bystander. By taking a look at a cell phone while driving for any reason, the one operating the vehicle is jeopardizing more lives than just the ones on the roads at risk. Friends and family are significantly impacted by the loss of or even by the injury of a person they care about. One must keep in mind the toll a loss takes on someone’s family and friends. The possibilities for impending disaster are limitless. Using a cell phone while driving for any reason at all is a dangerous chance that an immeasurable number of people make every single

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