Consequences Of Texting And Driving Analysis

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The Consequences of Driving While Texting When was the last time you checked your cellular device? How would you have reacted to a message? Would you check the message while you are driving? Well Most people do, traffic accidents are the highest cause for death, and texting while driving is the reasons why these accidents occur so frequently. Although people have some basic understanding of the risks of driving while texting, they still text anyways. “In the Wall Street Journal, it is a fact that high school students smoke less, but text while driving more.” written by Mike Esterl and “Texting and Driving statistics 2014” written by Burke Speaker, Investor-place Writer, both of this two article explains the facts of just how bad and dangerous it is to text and drive at the same time. Humans are not …show more content…
In Kevin M. Sherin’s article he describes the necessity of a law to be placed on texting while driving. “Legislatures should establish a public awareness campaign regarding the dangers of texting while driving as an integral part of this legislation”(Kevin, 1) this quote explains how important awareness is. With proper education, people are given time to grow and think. By no means are we guaranteed a one hundred person no accident road, but with the intervention of the government rates of accidents may decrease. Each accident not only troubles the agents that have to go block roads and clean out mess, but also causes troubles to other drivers that have to make other turns and go into another road. Sometimes accidents are so bad that traffic gets stuck because they closed off the road, this may cause a huge inconvenience. So the matter of fact is that if they are able to give proper explanation, like extending the driving lessons by an hour to explain the dangers of using cellphones while driving than it will surely decrease accident

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