W Hotel Case Study

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In the textbook, the author includes a case on W Hotels. I’ve heard of W hotel and I have seen the one inside downtown Atlanta, but I have never been inside of one. From what I have read in the case W hotel is not just a high-end hotel service; the case says it’s not just a room, it’s part of an entire trendsetter lifestyle.

On page 193, there is a series of steps that describes designing a customer-driven marketing strategy. Companies must design a customer-driven market strategy to build the right relationships with the right customers. There are four major steps in customer-driven marketing. I believe the case best describes the outline and explains the steps for customer-driven marketing. The case says W Hotels prides itself on “offering
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The case says W Hotels’ lifestyle positioning starts with unique design. When it comes to a positioning strategy, I think W Hotel uses more for more positioning, for example their concierge service, which are called W Insiders. W Hotels calls their first class service “Whatever-Whenever” service. According to the case the Insiders go a step beyond. Rather than waiting to be asked for advice, they proactively seek things out they can do to enhance the stay of each guest. Staying with the brand’s lifestyle positioning, insiders keep in tune with special need-to-know events and recommend all the latest places to see and where to be seen. W Hotels also attract a star-studded list of celebrities. Plenty of things contribute to W’s lifestyle positioning and captivate its young, hip, upscale W …show more content…
From segmentation to positioning W Hotels has hit every aspect in keeping themselves successful. They provide an unmatched sense of belonging for their customers, even with each unique design W maintains a consistent ambiance that leaves no questions’ in the guest minds that they a experiencing the W

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