Tiffany & Company Case Study

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The article mainly talks about how Andrew Lewis, a former manager of corporate sales for Tiffany & Company, repositioned a former Econo Lodge and changed it from a despair hotel to a winner of the goal award and a nomination for Platinum as the only Quality Inn in the U.S. Before its reposition, the property lacked maintenance. It also had poor customer service, employee training, and management practice.
To change the property, Andrew focused on changing the flag from Econo Lodge to a Quality Inn, working with a knowledgeable architect to remodel the property including its amenities, rooms, and equipment, making several rooms be available for guests with pets, firing old employees, taking charging of new employee training, doing research to understand how to market the business successfully, considering how to make balance between guests who are environmentally friendly and guests who preferred the traditional mini-bottle amenities, and keeping the property fresh and different. With Andrew’s efforts on repositioning the property, Boulder Creek achieved a higher percentage occupancy.


Before, the poor state of the hotel and its management attracted a clientele described as looking for cheap sleep. Most members of the management had no or poor customer
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The hotel begins to offer the quality customer services and accommodations. When Andrea took over, the flag change meant that she had to step up, create better amenities, and rebrand the inn. The physical property and the staff had to match the stature of the hotel. After the arriving at this expensive transformation, the target customers also had to change. The people looking for ‘cheap sleep’ were no longer targeted there. Instead, Andrea began looking for visitors of the neighboring universities including the parents, professors, and visiting

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