Competitive Strategy For Holiday Inn And Holiday Inn Express Brands

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The best positioning for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express brands is the competitive positioning strategy. The competitive strategy involves the companies making a strategic plan for differentiating the two brands in their market segments in order to make them competitive. The two brands operate in the mid-range market segment that is undoubtedly flooded with many other quality brands. The mid-range segment is significantly large and available in almost all countries where InterContinental brand is situated. As such, to make Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express competitive, the company must differentiate the two brands in the market through promotion and quality product and service offering. This study discusses how adoption of the competitive market positioning strategy works for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express brands.
Competitive market analysis is vital in market positioning and is the core to a successful competitive market positioning. This study focuses on
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Moreover, the two brands should maintain the group`s price and quality strategies that have driven the brand to where is now. The Holiday Inn, that is focused on mid-range customers should ensure that the pricing decisions are commensurate with the consumer`s abilities while maintaining quality services range for that class. Though the quality may not be top notch as is in upscale markets, Holiday Inn must ensure it offers the highest quality for consumer spending in this segment. Similarly, Holiday Inn Express that targets economic business class must carefully determine price and quality to meet expectations of customers in this segment. The products and services must be suited to cater to their individual needs and hence guarantee them comfort, necessary equipment and meals that they

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