Wyndham Grand Jewel Resort: Where Perfection Meets The Beach?

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Wyndham Grand Jewel Resort: “Where Perfection Meets The Sea” offers guests the perfect getaway away from the chaotic city life. Located in the Jewel Montego Bay in Jamaica, the Wyndham Grand Jewel wants to provide the customer a trip where guests will describe their journey as “perfection.” With the sparkling sea and view of the ocean waters, they aim towards individuals who are vacationers, families, weekend travelers, honeymooners, and the general public who want to experience a relaxing vacation by the sea. Due to the properties’ location and quality, the average income for this market will target individuals in the upper middle class making around a minimum of around $60,000 or more and target the age group of families in their 30s and …show more content…
Looking at it from the start, Wyndham wants to gain the audience self-interest in the product. With multiple options for dining and a comforting beach, the guests will think about their need to relax and enjoy themselves. On the other hand, the resort does show some emotional appeal as well. The happy guests in the ad and the clear waters can create a sense of “I need it” attitude for those tired individuals. Through these images, consumers will plan a trip to the resort in future years as these benefits listed in the ad will encourage purchases. Wyndham’s slogan also does an excellent job in creating the perfect environment for the guests. “Where Perfection Meets The Sea” shows that guests will embark on a great journey during their stay at the property. Management will ensure that guests are taken care of and treated in a once in a lifetime experience. For that reason, this ad focuses on establishing a fantasy through its decor and offers. Mainly, the sea near the hotel rooms and the availability of a multitude of offers, this establishment creates a “wonderland” for consumers. Furthermore, the ad also builds a calm and soothing mood towards the audience. With the tranquil water view and the happy couples, relaxation may be all that is in the mind of patrons coming into this property. In its aesthetically pleasing design, Wyndham’s advertisement creates a unique design. The ad showcase a giant picture of the beach with little additional photos at the bottom. The borders are forms through two lines which make it feel more modernize for this generation. Furthermore, the blue font color connects with the advertisement along with the regular white font that makes it readable to the audience. Every time I view it, I feel the sense of vacation and adventure in those small words. Through its pictures of the hotel view of the ocean and the crystal clear sky, Wyndham’s ad

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