Volunteering At The Food Pantry And Thrift Store Essay

1094 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Volunteering can be done in many different ways and places. By volunteering you get to have a lot of different experiences and learning opportunities. I have always participated in volunteering whenever I could get involved since junior high. I think it is important to understand the experience of volunteering when going into a field like social work, this will overall improve our abilities to do our jobs to our best. I spent a lot of time this semester volunteering at the local Food Pantry and Thrift Store at St Joseph’s Social Care and Thrift Store. I also did some hours at the Salvation Army and went to events like the Clothesline Project and open court. I think that my experience at the Food Pantry and Thrift Store are examples of mezzo social work. My time spent volunteering is directly linked to Social Work as a whole and the Social Work Code of Ethics. By spending time at the food pantry and thrift store I also took away a lot of learning and beliefs both personally and professionally. Overall, volunteering has helped me to develop into the social worker I hope to be someday and was a great experience. First I am going to discuss my experience at the St Joseph’s Social Care and Thrift Store. I volunteered there about 26 hours out of the required 40 hours. I enjoyed the whole building and all the people I worked with. Some days, I worked in the food pantry and some days I helped in the back room for the thrift store. The days I worked in the back I usually was going…

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