Essay about Turing A Past Failure Into Success

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Turing a Past failure into success Being able to learn from a failure and turn it into success has changed my life forever. When I was a kid I was different then other kids. Learning was hard for me and I would get into conflicts with my parents all the time. They would try to teach me all kinds of learning techniques and I would get frustrated with every single one of them. Night after night my parent would worry that I was going to be living with them for the rest of their lives. I felt that I was a failure and that my life would turn out to flipping burgers or being a garbage man. Now being seventeen I am able to say that I can be something more than someone flipping burgers or picking up peoples trash. As a kid learning was something that was efficient for some and difficult for others. For me learning was hard because my thought process was different than most kids. Also, my thought process was slow to pick up on certain things which made it easy for bullies to bully me. I had a really hard time with bullies to the point that I would just go along with it not knowing the problems that came along with it down the road. My parents eventually got involved and fixed the problem. The learning disability got so bad that my parents tried physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and even tried helping me out with my problem. When my parents got frustrated I felt like a failure because I could not live up to their expectation. It hurt me that learning was challenging for…

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