Three Different Leadership Styles

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CRITERIA 2.1 Compare three different leadership styles
CRITERIA 2.2 Evaluate the possible impact of each style on an organisation

In order to understand various different leadership styles and evaluate their possible impacts on organisations; this essay will outline 3 leadership styles in particular. By defining leadership itself and discussing Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez Faire leadership, the topic of leadership will be analysed to see when, where and why leadership is important in the context of business organisations. Beyond leadership in general, this evaluation may even help identify which of the 3 leadership styles are most effective.

Leadership can be defined as the ability to or the responsibility
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If the workforce doesn’t have the skills or insight to make a decision or do a particular task, this will not only decrease productivity but it is likely to leave the workforce demotivated. Some employees are not self starters; they struggle to set and manage deadlines efficiently though they may not need the guidance, they could be more productive if supervised. Team members that have less skills and passion for their work are less likely to be identified by the management which leaves employees without the ability to improve. The lack of structure and direction can lead to confusion and decreased productivity if the team members cannot organise and manage …show more content…
The 2 way communication system would greatly slow down the organisations ability to trade and make profits. It is likely that each individual is a specialist in their particular discipline or even market but completely unfit to contribute towards the functions of the entire business. For example an Quantative Analyst is likely to have a Degree in Mathematics but is unlikely to have any valuable contributions on how the organisation can attract more investment. The time consuming and consultative nature of this style is not suitable for an industry that requires quick decision making ability and independent

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