Mr. Vasquez's Leadership Style Analysis

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Every organization, business, or operation of any kind has a similar structure or lineup if you will. They each have a code that puts them in the same category of organization or business together. This code is made up of various things, but the main parts are a leader, a purpose, and an organizational chart whether written down or not, and communication. These aspects create organizations, but how the organization uses these aspects or incorporates these aspects into the organization sets each of them apart. As we have learned previously this semester and last year in the President’s Leadership Program, there are different kinds of leadership styles. The main three are authoritarian which uses a more direct approach to leading where a single …show more content…
Vasquez has an interesting organizational chart and structure. He does not have a written out chart, but the idea behind the structure of his organization is that he is his own boss and has no one above or below him. He reports to no one and has no one reporting to him. However, when analyzing it more he does have to report to whoever he is working for at the time, his clients. Because his business relies on clients coming to him for his services he must listen to what they want and ultimately do what they want. He must keep them in the loop for their business and he has to report to them. It is interesting though because it changes each time he is done with a client or gains a new one. He often will have many different people or groups that he is helping at once and so must report to them …show more content…
If you cannot communicate your wants and needs how can you communicate the wants and needs of the company or the consumers? Communication also relates to the culture of a business or organization. An organization can have a very relaxed culture and so the communication between coworkers or even employees to their bosses can be more relaxed and friendly. For example, the multi-billion dollar business Zappos which is an online shoe business has a very relaxed culture as well as communication style. The CEO, Tony Hsieh, doesn’t have a corner office. He has a spot in the middle of everyone else with a small workspace. Their ideals are centered on values of positivity, creativity, and happiness. Other business, however, have a more strict line of communication as well as culture. These businesses believe that productivity will come from strict guidelines and behaviors.
In my shadowing experience, Mr. Vasquez has a very relaxed culture when he is working alone. This is partially due because his office is in his home, but he also likes to keep his job light. He likes to joke on the phone and eat food while he works. Even when he is in meetings he will crack a joke and keep a positive energy. Dealing with people is what his whole business is based on. Therefore, his communication skills to others as well as his people skills are important to

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