The Writing Of Writing A Writing Essay

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Writing is something that should not come too easy to people. It requires a lot of thought process to get the right wording and phrasing. It also requires the writer to use their own voice in each piece of writing. No one likes a story that does not have a voice and seems like the writer does not care. Reading those kinds of stories or papers can end up boring the reader, maybe even to the point where they stop reading.
One of my main difficulties in writing is getting the correct wording and phrasing. I always seem to struggle with picking out the right wording to make everything flow together. I felt if stuff does not flow together easily, then the writing is sometimes bad. I felt that I also used the same words and phrases repeatedly. I would try to mixed up my phrases, but sometimes I just could not figure out a different way to say things. Wording has a big effect on the writing, which is why I would want things to sound good together.
Another difficulty I had was going into too much detail, specifically with my personal narrative. When I was writing, I had to share the background information about my topic, but little did I know that I was going into too much detail. I did not think that I was using too much detail since the story was about my life and I want to explain it the best way I could. After being told that I had too much detail, I could easily see that it was true. I ended up deleting the in-depth detail that was unnecessary and should only be in my paper if…

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