Tyler Perry Book Report

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A specific event that had a great impact on my view of writing is when I first remember reading an autobiography about Tyler Perry. Within this autobiography it talks about Tyler’s life as a child, how he grew up, and his family back ground. It talks about how he got into being a writer, producer, and an author as you know Tyler Perry is one of the most successful writers and entertainers in the film industry. Tyler Perry was born into a wealthy background and he had to save money and work hard for all the things he wanted. he actually dropped out of high school when trying to find his way successfully into the industry but he eventually went back and got his GED. He himself liked to write about difficult events that eventually lead to a significant …show more content…
I tend to not put my sentences together as carefully as I could. When I take more time in my writing to look things over and make sure that everything is correct I usually turn out with a better paper. It is also just as important to stay on topic and not to get lost and sidetracked in a different area of the paper. When I have someone else read over may paper it makes it easier for me to see my weak areas and my stronger areas of writing. Sometimes taking a break from writing and putting your mind into something else also helps. I tend to take a break half way through a paper watch a movie or eat dinner then I’ll go back and finish my paper. This way I will get a different view of th e topic and also it will give me better ideas for me to write about. In Michaela Cullington’s Does Texting Effect Writing article, she talks about how texting actually can have a good effect on writing because it makes you get creative to find new ways to get your message across on what you are trying to say. She states, “Texting also helps to spark students’ creativity, these authors argue, because they are always coming up with new ways to express their ideas.” Also it can be a benefit because it gets people motivated to write because they are already constantly texting. When texting it improves your communication skills for the fact that you are trying use as few words as possible. It gives you an open mind for writing and helps you to be more

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