Essay: The Writing Process

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How does one write? How does one write a whole essay, or a book, or anything, for that matter? There is a type of process to write anything. What is this process? What are the steps to help you get through this process? I have always struggled with writing essays and they’ve never come easily to me. I used to sit in my room, in the middle of the night, just staring at a screen, for what would feel like hours. Wondering, “When am I going to finish this paper, or even, start it?” The writing process is lengthy and has many steps, such as reading, brainstorming, creating an outline and a rough draft, editing, and finally having a final draft. These steps can help anyone write a decent and fully developed paper. Learning more about the writing process, and the steps that come with it has helped me …show more content…
I try to check my thesis statement every couple of paragraphs to make sure it still embodies the message I am conveying in my essay. This is one of the places in the essay where I really try to grab the reader’s attention. The thesis helps me get an idea for the layout of my essay, an outline so to speak. Personally, I don’t typically give too much attention to an outline. Although, I do believe it is a significant part of the writing process. This step is one that I am trying to give more attention to. Murray’s “The Marker’s Eye” in particular didn’t speak about outlines, more about rough drafts, but I believe the two are very similar. The outline is basically a pre-rough draft and after reading this prompt it made me realize how every draft, no matter how it’s written is a key part to any writing process. For example Murray writes about how important drafts are and how “the first draft, and all of those which follow, are opportunities to discover what [you] have to say and how best [you] can say it.” (109). Clearly, a rough draft is the main step in the process of

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