The View Point Of A Secondary Education Administrator How Technology Can Benefit The Classroom

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Technology is something that is becoming harder and harder for the world to live without. Nearly every job on the market is looking for workers that are well knowledgeable with the internet. Trends and ideas are shared through many social media platforms. Understanding how to use the internet to better yourself for the future has become a necessary skill to learn in the 21st century. So given the opportunity to bring this technology into the classroom to enhance the learning with not only skills students can take into the real world, but also bring in understanding to children growing up in the new age of technology. In this essay I will explain in the view point of a secondary education administrator how technology can benefit the classroom, what tools could I purchase with a 100,000 dollar grant, and how it will affect the classroom.
Incorporating technology into the classroom brings in interactive learning that engages the students and gives them a deeper level of understanding. In a Canfield high school classroom, students had to analyze characters from The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, only using apps they could find on their iPod Touch engaging the classroom till the period ended. The teacher, Colleen Ruggieri, found that this method worked well for the students, because “using the iPod Touch in the classroom is as natural as picking up a pencil” (Bafile). Not only were the mobile devices beneficial for how the students could learn, but also how Ruggieri…

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