Importance Of Student Engagement In The Classroom

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Introduction As society becomes increasingly reliant on technology we begin to see its effects in the classroom. It is the duty of all teachers to become knowledgeable about emerging technologies and how they can be integrated in the classroom. Through the use of technology teachers are able to more easily create diversification to meet the learning needs of all students. Student engagement also increases when technology is being used. A technology that is becoming more prevalent in the classroom is iPads. The iPad is a mobile device that runs various applications, it also connects to wireless Internet. Many companies have developed educational applications for the iPad. The iPads relatively small size and simple format make it simple …show more content…
According to the CAST document Universal Design for Learning Guidelines 2.0 (2011), UDL consists of three main components: multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. Multiple means of representation occurs when the student is first learning about a given topic. It refers to how information is given to the students in regards to perception, clarification and comprehension. Multiple means of expression involves how a student demonstrates their understanding through action, expression, and communication. Finally, multiple means of engagement includes students remaining interested, persistent, and self-regulatory. In order to create an ideal learning situation all three components must be in …show more content…
After students have completed their research and have a deep understanding about their planet, they will present their information. Students are able to present their findings through different formats including: making a presentation using Google Slides or Prezi, writing a paper using Google Docs, or creating a video using iMovie. By using one of these various means of representation students are able to express and communicate their understanding whichever way they prefer.
As students complete their research and create a presentation they will be using multiple means of engagement. Students become invested in finding research about their planet and want to use different applications to learn more. As a result of students completing a presentation of their findings, they are more likely to stay on task. Since they will be working individually it is up to each student to self-regulate to ensure the assignment is completed before the deadline.
In conclusion iPads create an opportunity for diversification for all students. The three components of Universal Design for Learning are easily met when using iPads in the classroom. Students are able to learn by different methods, express that learning in different ways, and remain interested. iPads are just one of many tools that can be used in today’s classrooms. Technology is continuously changing and growing and along with it classroom instruction is also

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