The Tuskegee Doesn 't Exist Essay

1265 Words Jun 24th, 2015 null Page
Many people my age live life like the acronym Y.O.L.O which means you only live once. I on the other hand, who is married with two beautiful daughters live life like the acronym P.L.A.Y. Which means to Protect my family by any means necessary, Love hard by caring and showing compassion, Ask questions to grow and understand this crazy world and last remember what Your mama said, which means the life lessons she already learned I need to keep the answers. I would formulate this basic principle in my life as follows: An action is right if and only if I continue to apply P.L.A.Y in my life and the outcome would be of my expectation.
Family means everything to me and now that I am a parent of two daughters six and one I would go above and beyond to protect my kids. Just like a mother bear to protect her cubs against anything that she may feel that would bring harm to her cubs. If we as humans apply this aspect to our lives things like the Tuskegee case wouldn’t exist. I feel that someone’s mother, farther, uncle, anyone in the family should have protected these men and women from signing up for something “free” during the time when there was still a racial divide. My mama taught me that everything “free” in life comes with a cost. This horrible unethical experiment against these human beings were just outrageous to even comprehend especially for over a period of 40 years. I would have protected my love ones much better, I would have known not to trust there well beings…

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