The Teacher Who Believed Of Me Essay

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The Teacher Who Believed In Me

My most memorable moment, during my early years of school, was my seventh grade English Teacher, Mrs. McCoy. She was by far my favorite teacher ever. She made learning fun and enjoyable due to a very energetic and caring personality. You could tell that she genuinely cared about how well her students did in her class. She always worked with her students that needed extra help with the assignments. And I was definitely one of her students that always needed extra help. English class was never my strong class growing up. I didn’t like to read the assigned books that were always picked for us. In fact, I didn’t like to read at all back then. I didn’t read very fast and I unquestionably didn’t read as fast as my peers or as well aloud. I would always be behind in the reading assignments, if I bothered to read them at all. My parents also did not act like a higher education was very important.

I remember having to read the book “The Lord of the Flies.” The class had to read two chapters and have a discussion on them the next day. Well, the next day arrived and I did everything I could to make myself invisible during class. I literally hid behind the kid in front of me hoping she would not see me or call on me to take part in the discussion. Fortunately for me, she didn’t call on me during class. However, when the discussion was over she noticed the other kids giving me a hard time for not participating in…

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