The Super Bowl Essay

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Millions of viewers watched the Super Bowl Sunday, making the event one of the largest moments for sports/entertainment. The Super Bowl commercials have become part of this experience. Every year, corporations, compete against each other, paying millions of dollars for time slots advertising their products. These particular commercials usually have a lot more creativity put into them. They play the same crucial role as the game itself. Businesses go above and beyond in hopes of getting into a top-ranking category. After all, this is what advertisers have been working on all year. Ranking in the top five of the Super Bowl Ads web site is the Budweiser’s commercial “Puppy Love”. At first view, I found it had absolutely nothing to do with beer because the compelling cuteness and the growing bond between the puppy and the Clydesdale horse mesmerized me. Watching it over a few times, I noted the subliminal message behind the Budweiser’s Clydesdale horse and puppy duo. Drinking beer is better with friends. Instead of taking advantage of promoting their product by tying it in with the story, Budweiser chose to create something viewers would remember; Budweiser was effective in appealing to emotions and winning mass attention from the audience by presenting memorable and relatable stories by using ethos and pathos.
Aiming to appeal to the audience’s empathy (pathos), “Puppy Love” featured a Labrador retriever puppy and a Clydesdale horse as the main characters of the…

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