The Qualities Of Interpersonal Intelligence In The Careers

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Companies are like machines. Machines demand good cogs or good pieces to make them run more efficiently and produce high quality products. In the same way, companies desire good employees to develop and lead them towards their goal. For this reason, people who are seeking jobs should know the qualities of good employees that many companies or employers are really looking for. In general, the qualities that the employers really want from employees depend on the types of their companies or the specific careers, but there are some qualities that employers always require, no matter the position or company.
The first quality that many employers always require is intelligence. In all studies, they have been found that 76 percent of the productivity
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It is because the different careers require knowledge in different subjects. For instance, engineers should be smart in mathematics because they have to calculate the proper proportion of the building structures for the safety of the residents; air hostesses should be smart in English because they have to serve and communicate with foreigner passengers, and lawyers should be smart in law because they have to provide legal counsel to individuals or organizations. Besides personal intelligence, employers always look for interpersonal intelligence, sometimes called emotional intelligence. Siberman says in his journal article “Developing interpersonal intelligence in the workplace” that “people-smarts is about that aspect of emotional intelligence which is best called interpersonal intelligence” (Siberman 267). In every company, there are many jobs that require teamwork, so employees should have the interpersonal intelligence to help them work …show more content…
Because the main purpose of many companies is to develop products or services, the employers need to seek workers with skills that are beneficial and related to their work. The cases in point of professional skill are the employees who want to work as writers should have the skill in using language, the jobholders who want to be teachers should have the skill in teaching; the employees who want to work in the export company should have the skill in English; and the hirelings who want to work as musicians should have the skill in identifying rhythms and sounds. The professional skill is an important quality for all employers as can be seen; if the employees do not have this skill, how can they help employers develop the company or organization? Together with the professional skill, the employees should have the general skills that are necessary for working. As everyone knows, there are two common general skills that the employers look for, one is communication skills and another one is computer skills. The communication skills consist of speaking, listening, and writing; they are very important in all almost of jobs because the abilities to speak, listen, and write effectively affect success in every composition. For example, in business, sometimes employees have to present products to the customers; the customers may reject those products if the employees lack efficient speaking

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