Charge Nurse Case Study

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The point of this task is to build up an interpersonal skill in organizing an interview session with the nurse leader then to improve communication skills. Through interviews methods, interpersonal and communication skills can be improved by listening, not only the words spoken, it incorporates non-verbal message conveyed. During the process of the interview, it's easy to learn people’s emotion.

Focused area of interview: Management of change
Management of change in healthcare professionals is committed either to gain or to keep up the aptitude required in the association. It is to attempt their expert undertakings inside their competencies. Managing change is tied in with dealing with the intricacy of the process of
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Mdm. Geraldine Mary Mc Cory mentions that there is an expectation of poor feedback. According to Mdm. Geraldine Mary Mc Cory, coaching and staff development are a key of the nurse leader role. Every charge nurse has strength and weaknesses.
Solution for poor performance started in early stage, the selection criteria must be strictly according to listed criteria. All charge nurse is mandatory to attend the charge nurse course. An effective charge nurse needs to incorporate leadership and communication skills with conflict resolution, time management and organizational technique, delegations, mentorship, education ad role model to be successful. Evaluation is done by Mdm Geraldine Mary Mc Cory and her assistance to assess charge's nurses' performance. The evaluation explained in detailed on the change processes. The main criteria share is clinical or technical responsibilities, critical thinking ability, organizational responsibilities and human relations
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The charge nurse criteria used to choose a permanent charge nurse who can do charge nurse either in chronic unit or acute unit, is a good example. Staff who accomplishes every one of the criteria demonstrate a good leadership skills. A group of skillfull staff will do a great job of persuading other staff. I could suggest acknowledging staff efforts and thank them for their commitment to the unit. Their effort will sustain and urge them to participate more in the future. Effective change prompts an extensive variety of advantages for both staff and

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