Communication Skills In Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is a great skill which requires a lot of dedication, interest, involvement and a yearning for improvement in one’s ability to communicate his/her emotions and feelings to others. During the study of the book ‘Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters’ by Julia T. Wood, I have learnt plenty of very important factors that I had never been familiar with in the past. However, my personal assessment reveals that despite having mastered a number of communication skills and techniques, I do need to focus on some other techniques that need to be made part and parcel of my personality to maintain good relations with all relevant people at home, office, and other places. This essay covers three important aspects that …show more content…
I have been trying to adopt this quality in full spirit but I feel there is some lacking on my part which needs more dedication and attention. For example, I treat strangers with more respect and kindness as compared to my close relatives and friends. It means I take my intimate friends for granted. Particularly while discussing complaints, and issues, I often lose my temper so much that I forget the principle that we must not demean others. Since communication cannot be reversed, I need to be mindful while communicating with my family members.
Another issue that I face in my interpersonal communication process is that I often forget to know if I really need to discuss my emotions to certain people. I sometimes fail to realize that sharing some emotions with others may harm my relationship with them instead of improving my condition and bringing positive results. It is not obligatory for me to share everything I feel with others and I should also keep some emotions private. I need to practice this skill to make it a permanent part of my personality for effective and useful

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