Professionalism In The Workplace Essay

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What is professionalism exactly? According to Understanding Health Insurance, they state that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize a professional person. (Green & Rowell, 2013, p. 11) There are quite a few abilities that employees as well as employers need to practice and maintain professionalism in the workplace. To name a few a person would need are productivity, leadership, and a good strong sense of ethics. An employee with good ethics will go far in the workplace because they know the difference between right and wrong, and for this reason they’ll know the right decisions to make in order to further their career at their specific place of work. Productivity is …show more content…
It is important to have these qualities because it will make for a better work experience, not just for the individual, but for everyone that is a part of the team. Productivity is important because employers need employees who complete their tasks on time and who complete them correctly. They also need employees who are up to date on current knowledge of their profession, that way they can apply that knowledge to what they are doing every day, which in turn increases their productivity. Leadership is an important skill to have because the team needs leadership, they need direction, they need someone to set goals for them, and tell them how and when to achieve said goals. And a good sense of ethics is very important to have because employees need to be making the right and good decisions for the business, or else that business cannot thrive and grow. A good business doesn’t exist without good employees, and these good employees need to practice professionalism every day in order to maintain the business and what it represents. These employees can’t practice professionalism without having these

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