Essay on The Process Of Becoming A Straight A Student By Cal Newport

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The Process In Becoming A Straight-A Student
Seeing the students around you earning A’s, they make it seem easy but when it comes to you there is no way in becoming a straight-A student. Now do not be deceived it is not easy but it takes time and flexibility in order to accomplish the strategies of becoming the straight-A student you want to be. In the book, How to Become A Straight-A Student by Cal Newport the author’s message is to give the reader his perspective of how to become a successful straight-A student in college. The author focused in many methods and strategies to help guide the reader in choosing the techniques, but the five concepts that resonated with me as a student are how to conduct your time wisely, how to avoid procrastination, the correct studying skills, how not to pseudo work and the choices made as a student. These concepts take effect and connects to my highschool life and eventually it will be emulated in my life.
Two reason why most high school students enter college lost and not knowing how to handle a big assignment it is because of two main points, the time management skills one poceses and the amount we give for studying and social life. These two concepts stood out to me the most because I as a student does procrastination at its best and always forgets about assignments because of my tendency of leaving things for the last minute. When reading about these concepts, it was an eye opener because I never would have thought that high school…

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