Procrastination-Personal Narrative Analysis

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The frantic scrambling of pencils on paper, and fingers on the keyboard are in pursuit of receiving full credit. That moment when time seems to move faster than I ever thought possible. If only I could squeeze a few more ounces of time out of what little I have left. These are the thoughts that surface in my mind on quite a routine basis. These thoughts are brought upon by an all too stressful reality that I for whatever reason am too stubborn to avoid. No matter how great of an attempt I make to defeat procrastination, it always finds a way to take a hold of my plans. Procrastination has a huge negative impact on my education, my home life, my well-being, and my educators’ perspective of me.
I have never been one to perform well under stress,
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In the moment it can feel so relieving to say “Eh, I don’t really feel like doing this right now I’ll get it done tomorrow,” and before I know it tomorrow becomes today and I still continue to think the same redundant thoughts. It is time for me to stand up against this horrible habit that is taking over so many critical aspects of my life. I have struggled with procrastination throughout my whole life, and somehow managed to get by with my education, my home life, and my health, despite the vast amount of turmoil that procrastination has caused for me so far. If I am to live a happy and healthy life in which I thrive, I know that I will have to stop this habit dead in its tracks. As a creature of habit it has become so easy for me to push many off my tasks over to the sidelines, and do only what satisfies me at the moment. But if the definition of success is accomplishing a purpose, than I know that I must change my ways. I know for a fact that my purpose is not to be an unproductive individual that fails in its’ attempts to contribute to society. I was born to live my life to the fullest every day with a smile on my face, and a spring in my

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