Chapter 5 Of On Course Essay

1010 Words Jul 23rd, 2016 null Page
Chapter 5 of “On Course” provides an in-depth discussion on employing interdependence. Within the chapter were a few subtopics, for example, creating a support network, using resources, creating study groups and Saying “No”. While reading I was naturally attracted to the point of Saying “No” on page 160 on the grounds that I could identify with having a troublesome time with regards to denying other individual solicitation and that has affected my goals even deferred them. The art of saying “no” to people is an important tool for an assertive creator because it helps to keep them on the desired path by prioritizing their owns goals and managing time to do tasks that would contribute to achieving those said goals. As an incoming freshman, I have my own goals and dreams so while I can learn from others, in their use of time manage I plan on using the principle of “no” in order to stay focused on my own terms in order to accomplish my goals, and learn from myself before having contacts with others.
During High school I was perceived as someone who’s usually inclined to help because the value of helping people was installed on me from a very young age. However, this made it extremely difficult to focus on things that were essential to me because my time was being spent elsewhere. The section discusses the importance of having a balance between saying Yes and No and how that will help make managing time and succeeding less complicated. Personally, I agree that there needs to be…

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