What's Holding Back American Teenagers By Laurence Steinberg Analysis

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In Laurence Steinberg article, “What’s Holding Back American Teenagers?” Steinberg talks about the importance of education and how there is a big problem we all aren’t seeing. We think the problem is making school more affordable which is an issue but it’s not the problem. Throughout time, many kids have improved in elementary and middle school by challenging themselves but when they get to high school it goes downhill. Adults think that the problem in the education system is providing affordable education to their kids, so the government gives them charter and public schools. Since their child is going to school they no longer see a problem but this is when the problem starts. Many of these high schoolers see high school as a social hour. …show more content…
In this paragraph Steinberg is saying that if you want your teenage daughter or son to succeed, we have to help them evolve the traits that they aren’t learning in school. She uses determination, self-control, and grit as examples to prove her point. It is important for them to become determined so they can challenge themselves. They need to know when they have to study for the exam or if they need something harder. It’s also important for them to have self-control because they need to learn how to separate their personal life with their academic life. They need to learn that the moment they go into the classroom they have to give their 100% to the class material and not their friends. Lastly, they need to have grit in their personalities so they can develop to be a problem solver. These high schoolers need to challenge themselves and mature in these critical years because they are the “make it or break it” years whether they see it or not. Overall, these three examples that Steinberg uses in her article are essential for a high schooler to develop in order to become the best he/she can

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