Essay The Marketing Of The Consumer Sales Department

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My experience in marketing started early in my career when I took control of the internet sales department, a relatively new concept in the retail automotive industry. A lot of this knowledge was gained through trial and error, as the industry was in the middle of a change at that point, and I was handling an uncharted territory by myself. The question approach in the sales process helped me uncover a lot of what it took to get a potential customer to move from looking at a website to walking into the dealership. This led me to take a lot of approaches that were uncommon at the time, such as adding a searchable inventory of our cars to the company website. In addition to the marketing of the individual vehicles via the internet, rather than the dealership as a whole, an additional step was taken with data gathered from potential customers who came to us via this marketing channel, led to shifts in where we marketed each model in print media based on the demographics gathered from customers who arrived via the internet. These approaches resulted in a 20% increase in sales via internet marketing and a 17% increase in sales via traditional print media.
Customer relationship management, commonly referred to as CRM, is a process used by companies to understand their customer’s needs and wants and respond to them. The follow-up stage of the sales process is a part of customer relationship management and a rather valuable one. It provides not only an opportunity to sell the same…

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