Vodaphone Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Vodafone Turkey was initially accepted in a positive manner throughout the country, with the hope that they would enhance service quality. However, due to a lack of investment in infrastructure or image, Vodaphone’s brand failed to resonate with the growing mobile market segment. Most critically, the company was labelled as aloof and out of touch with Turkish society. Further issues related to sales and distribution channels, which were weak, compounding a limited brand visibility.
A weak brand name for Vodaphone also led to the problem of customer retention. The introduction of mobile number portability should have been an opportunity to gain customers, but due to low levels of service, mobile number portability resulted in a decrease in customer base. As seen from Exhibit 4 in this case, focus towards meeting customer needs and improved customer satisfaction is a significant gap to exploit, which could result in a potential profit pool. With this type of focus Vodaphone could potentially draw new customers from both competitors Turkcell and
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Serpil must work towards developing a “customer-centric” business plan to guide the company into prominence within the growing Turkish market. This plan should involve a restructure of management personnel from the ‘bottom up’ of the organization drawn from Turkish society. These personnel would be in a strong position to focus on the young population destined to be future customers. This strategy would ensure sustainable growth over the long term. On “day one” a plan must be implemented to upgrade the technology infrastructure to deliver optimal customer experiences across the value chain to both current and new …show more content…
The first issue is to create strong relations with local authorities. Currently Vodaphone Turkey is viewed as an outsider and not included in any political planning processes that might impact future infrastructure developments. She needs to establish a clear agenda and position on the Turkey’s future IT infrastructure and create alliances within the governing bodies to ensure Vodaphone Turkey is included in the decision making process
Serpil must then provide dedicated attention towards improving marketing strategy through investment in the expansion of sales and distribution channels in order to increase the distribution network across Turkey. Vodaphone Turkey currently ranks as ‘average’ in term of both quantity and quality of services and the company must provide a focus on those individuals within the organization who are on the front line dealing directly with the customer. Customer relationship management must maintain the central core business activity in the near

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