Marketing Case Study: Island Breeze Lemonade

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Island Breeze lemonade is a company that takes pride in our lemonade. Here at Island Breeze Lemonade, we aim to ensure excellent customer service. We serve fresh lemonade made with the best all-natural ingredients. We do our part to serve our community and take specific actions to support the sustainable development approach. We understand it is important to develop strong branding strategies, distribution strategies, promotion plans, and motivation strategies to be a successful firm.
The marketing mix of a company needs to be developed successfully when starting a company. This consists of product, pricing, place, and promotion. I will ensure that my lemonade products are always made of quality ingredients and are packaged properly. My company
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To expand operations, I would use marketing intermediaries to distribute my lemonade products out to the public. I would use retailors to get my goods out to convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. According to Bovee and Thill (2012), “By making sellers’ products available to multiple buyers, intermediaries such as Costco reduce the number of transactions between producers and customers” (pg. 341). This supports the idea that these retailors are able to provide place utility to customers by providing easy access to my products. The use of these intermediaries will help expand my business by acting like a bridge to connect my products with customers. These intermediaries will definitely be beneficial to my lemonade …show more content…
There are several ways I can motivate my employees to improve sales. According to Bovee & Thill (2012), “Employees can be said to be fully motivated when they are engaged, satisfied, committed, and rooted” (pg. 220). These are the indicators I will keep in mind while I motivate my employees. I will make sure my employees are engaged. They will have the opportunity to work as a team and feel involved with the company. To satisfy employees, I will use a management by objectives approach. I will listen to their ideas and involve them in organizational decisions. I will do my best to create a strong support system for my employees so they can feel committed to my firm. Additionally, I want my employees to be rooted to my business. Therefore, I will follow the goal-setting theory and set carefully designed goals to motivate my employees (Bovee & Thill, 2012, p. 226). This will give them the opportunity to accomplish personal and organizational

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