Define Body And Mind Case Study

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Sales For Define Body and Mind
Sales and operations are two important areas to focus on growth for Define Body and Mind. These two areas need to be in sync as the company expands into new business agreements and fields other than health and fitness. If the sales department makes a commitment, then the operations department needs to be capable of delivering and executing that sale out for the new clients. It will be hard for the sales department to deliver on the commitments made during a sales call if the company does not have the operational capacity to execute successfully by what’s being advertised by he company.
Synergy is the communication and cooperation between two or more people to produce greater outcomes as a combined unit versus
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There are many companies that are very similar and are competing to gain the most amounts of new members to join their health club. The success of the company and its growth is dependent on its membership price point. The company has two different sectors of pricing firs one is based on Define body, or OR revolution or Bounce back classes with the option of Unlimited Monthly access for $160, Unlimited month: Auto Draft $150 and One Unlimited Month: New client special for $125. Define Body and Mind also has a secondary pricing options for clients who are interested in an all inclusive access i.e., Unlimited Mont $250, Unlimited Month: Auto Draft $225, One Unlimited Month: New Client Special $200 and Private training only without class $80. For the type of service and demographic the gym is covering is yet not very broad, hence has few major competitor like “Fit Athletic Club Houston, Equinox and The Orange Theory. All these heath clubs offer the same amenities and compete for similar clients. Based on our interview and market research it seems that Body Mind and Works are little ahead in the game compared to the others as they offer few free try on classes for the first timers, they also offer free meal and diet plans for the beginners, one on one body evaluation test with a trainer and access to all of their locations in one membership …show more content…
Every interaction is an opportunity to move forward or improve a relationship. This concept will allow a salesperson to execute in all interactions with customers, whether it is a scheduled multi-attendee meeting or a one on one interaction. It is important for the membership salesperson to understand and focus on the selling process and also be able to understand and fully fill what the clients needs. Knowing what your company has to offer, not just through products but also service, relationship, and solutions is key. This will match up or support your customer’s company for what they are looking for in terms of what is unique to them. The sales manager should also focus on the member’s retention portion of the business, he/she needs to be aware of the total active members and how to save the one that cancelling or leaving the facility for some other gym. An analysis of the company’s current position within actual accounts will help the company to identify any discrepancies and work towards improving and growing with a focus on a shared vision of the Body Mind and

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