The Issue Of Higher Education Essay examples

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Anyone can agree that higher education is the definite way to become successful in life. The most obvious fact is that the only jobs available without a college education don 't pay a wage enough to live. But, people still hold the stereotype of community college being the last option. I believe that going to community college outweighs attending a regular university.
In the 50s and the 60s many Americans made going to college their dream. Soldiers coming back from the war were able to use benefits from the GI Bill to pay for school. Many young adults were able to easily cover the costs through work. Although the minimum-wage was about two dollars an hour, the cost of going to even the most prestigious university shouldn 't have exceeded 20,000 for a four year education. During this era, students are drowning in debt and are only able to pay it off in their late 40’s if they’re lucky.
For whatever reason, as colleges expanded in size, they also expanded the costs of tuition. Eventually these colleges began banking on their notoriety and essentially became a brand. This allowed for colleges to justify inflating their prices claiming that going to their school is "an investment into your future". Many students decided to attend community colleges even for two years to save the cost of attending a university which would cost at least ten times the cost of a community college.
Leaving your home state to go somewhere else for college would almost triple the cost of tuition,…

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