Essay The International Student Friends Program

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Conceived last semester by three past freshman Eagle Scholars, the International Student Friends Program(ISFP) is a one on one relationship driven program with the goal of helping international students transition. The move to a different country and culture can be one of the hardest experiences of a person’s life, especially if met with a harsh and seemingly unwelcome environment. ISFP endeavors to pair an international student with a mentor with the intention of friendship, compassion and aid, and Christ-like love. For some international students, the move to Liberty is made without religious consideration, some only realizing after many weeks or even months that Liberty is a Christian university. Even after this has been discovered, the gospel as it is presented in a foreign language and culture may be confusing or downright silly to them. ISFP saw the need for missional students to speak the truth of Jesus into the lives of international students and to proclaim His name among the nations here on this campus.
During the first few weeks of the semester, I had the privilege of hearing the ISFP student pitch during two separate classes, Eagle Scholars and Evangelism 101. Each different time I felt a tug at my heart, a pull to reach out to these students. After applying and interviewing, I became a mentor in the program. I was eventually paired with a freshman psychology student from South Korea named Hayoung Seo, or Sophie, which she had chosen as her American…

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