The Importance Of Short And Unhealthy Life

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Nowadays the habits of people have changed. The main reason are industry and development of technology. Most people are living a short and unhealthy life because they are not doing well on the three most important factors in life that are: a healthy diet, sleep good and do exercise.
If you think about it, most of our forefathers lived almost one hundred years, or in that average. The main reason for this are the habits of people. In the past people eat real food, exercised and slept well because there were not things such as technology or junk food, like there are now, to distract them from what they had to do.

Getting enough quality sleep at the right time plays an important role in good health for your life. It helps protect your physical
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For example if you are driving and you did not sleep well you can kill someone, or even kill your self. This is an instant damage. But if you constantly have sleep deficiency, you are raising your risk for chronic health problems. And on your daily routine it can affects how well you think, work, learn, react and interaction with others.

Doing exercise is very important for your body’s physical health. Not doing exercise or inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking because if you don't use your muscles they will become weak and unuseful. Your heart will not function the same cause you need cardio to have a healthy heart. The same with the lungs, without exercise they won't work how they should.
Doing exercise not only helps your body to work well, it also helps prevent any diseases like cáncer, heart diseases, high blood pressure and other diseases.
At the same time you are improving the way you look, this also helps you to get a nice and healthy shape that reduces the aging process. You will look prettier and young and at the same time you are helping your body
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While you are doing exercise you are burning calories, so if you burn more calories than what you consume, you can lose weight, or in an other cause you can do a specific time of exercise and eat the right things to increase your weight.
Exercise reduces stress, lifts your mood, and helps you sleep better, but at the same time its important to sleep well and to exercise.
Those are just some of the reasons to take into account for exercising. You will discover many more benefits while you start with this. In conclusion exercise is a very important factor for improving your quality of life.

Eating healthy helps you promote optimal body weight, can assist in disease prevention and maintain your body’s functions. This healthy eating includes vitamins, minerals, high-quality proteins, heart-healthy fats and carbohydrates. An important tip on this, is to drink water with your food.
The main point of this diet is to discard the junk or processed foods, alcohol and saturated fats, because those are the ones that damage the

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