The Importance Of Good Character

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Character is who you really, truly are deep down inside. It starts with our thoughts and emotions and is shown by how we act. The choices that we make on how to respond in situations will determine if we have good character or bad character. Our upraising plays a part in our character as well but the parents cannot be blamed as they only have a short time frame with teaching their kids right from wrong. Maturity is another factor in our character.
Everyone has those not so good thoughts when things do not go their way or when some bad news happen to come up at an already bad time but it is a choice that we make on how to act upon those thoughts. A person with good character will take the time to think it through, find out what caused the problem, and come up with a solution all while learning what not to do again and how to prevent the problem the next time. A person with bad character will show the world their true colors by getting angry, yelling, and saying things that isn’t going to help the situation no matter what. Both characters may be faced with the same problem but
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After eighteen years that child becomes an adult. I was in a department store the other week when I watched a twenty-something year old girl being a brat because her boyfriend would not buy her a pair of boots for her upcoming photoshoot. Yes, I am sure that her parents had a helping hand in molding her into the brat that she is, but she is at the age to know better. She should know that it makes her childish and that no one is going to take her seriously acting that way. If her boyfriend said no then she should be an adult, get a job, and buy the shoes her own self or she could have acted her age about the entire situation and she may have just gotten those pretty $198 boots. I didn’t even know the girl but by seeing the way she acted, I could definitely tell she has bad character and it could use some

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