Of Mice And Men Quotes For Curley's Wife

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Quote 1:
“It is not a simpleminded book. There are no purely bad people in it. Conversely, there are no purely good people in it either. All the characters are complex mixtures of good and bad, or rather of bad results from good intentions.” People are not fully evil or fully good. They are merely a combination, or unfortunately mistaken. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck has two prime examples: Lennie and Curly’s wife. Lennie is a large man, but his mind is that of a small child. Since he is big physically, people tend to be scared when he comes close to them. The reason Lennie and George had to leave their old job behind was because a girl misunderstood Lennie’s intention to touch her. George recounts this event to Slim, and stated that
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All these men are afraid of Curley’s wife, afraid and aware that her innocent animal appeal may lead them into temptation and trouble. In self-protection they avoid her.” Curly’s wife is often misunderstood to the other workers because she is a woman. Most of the men think that she’s a “tart” because she has been giving them “the eye” (28). George mentions that Curley isn’t “the first [to marry one]. There’s plenty [of people that] done that” (28). This signifies that George has known other people that have married unfaithful women. The workers at the farm have skewed opinions about women because the only women they meet are at bars, whether they are for sex or for bartending. The first time George and Lennie meets Curly’s Wife, George tells Lennie to not “even take a look at [her]… [because he] seem ‘em poison before, but [he] never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her.” (32). The reason George tells Lennie this is because he is scared that Curly’s wife might convince the law to throw them in jail if they make a slight move on her. Therefore, most of the workers attempt to avoid her when she tries to initiate conversation with them. The reason Curly’s wife wants to talk to the workers all the time is because she is often lonely with no one to talk to. She “coulda been in the movies, an’ had nice nice clothes…

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