The Importance Of Creative Advertising

Advertising is the means of communicating a salient message to the users of a product or service. At its best, advertising will create a sense of urgency for the consumer, an awareness - often honest and accurate – that there are products, places, styles or sensibilities that cry out for action or attention (Jordan Zimmerman, 2003). Most people believe that good ads should be funny, well written or visually dramatic. The truth is, the very best ads work because of the strategy behind them (Bradley J. Sugars, 2006). Advertising is not simply an art, but a combination of art and science. The art consists the creative element of writing, designing, and producing exciting messages while the science of strategic thinking, planning and messaging …show more content…
Having said that, a successful creative idea can give brands the required thrust to explore new heights, increasing the brand value. To achieve this, creative advertising needs to be intelligent, sharp, imaginative and extremely catchy. The message and appeal used should be able to make a positive impact, motivating customers to utilize the advertised product or service for its benefits. This suggests that creative advertising should be able to create demand for the product when it is introduced.
Creativity exclusively creates both an impression and distinction between two products under the same category. It is the soul of advertising and branding. It is what gives life to messages about merchandises and services that may otherwise be boring or insignificant in the hearts and minds of target customers.
In Singapore, advertisements that provide powerful storytelling while focusing on key themes such as family values and sentimental ties pose as an effective way to strike a chord with Singaporean audiences. Hence, Singaporean advertising is well known for having emotional appeals to captivate the hearts of the multi-racial society and the need to tell a compelling story remains at the heart of success for the local advertising and media
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The print ads were also translated into several other languages by influencers in countries worldwide. As such, this example proves the power of an idea to connect worldwide where it matters, with the right use of inventiveness and originality.
Globally, the trend of creativity in advertising is leaning more towards storytelling and less of product selling. While advertising can be performed in different styles such as hard sell and soft sell, clarity of content that make advertisements warm and believable clinches priority for them to be of maximum effectiveness. Striking a balance between promotion and persuasion is key and audiences worldwide collectively agree that inspiring ads that flaunt truthfulness and transparency in a sophisticated manner hits them right in the

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