The Hall Of The Ccny Shepard Hall Essay example

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On Tuesday night, December 8th of 2015. I waited impatiently by the Great Hall of the CCNY Shepard Hall. Seven twenty-three pm I looked at the clock on my phone. Small groups of people starts to enter the open door to the Great hall. Confusingly, I walk to the door and pick up the program note to CCNY choral concert. I went to the seating area and pick the row at the back. When everyone gathered, a man caught everyone’s attention, Ira Spaulding, introduced himself as the conductor of the concert. He then presented the groups. CCNY Chorus that’s consisted of 31 members, CCNY Vocal Ensemble with 13 members, and CCNY Men’s Chorus that’s also consisted of 13 members.

The first song is “Klein orgel messe” the Little Orgn Mass composed by Joseph Haydn and sang by the CCNY Chorus. The 31 members divided themselves into three rows and women are on the left and right end while men stands in the middle. Without any announcement, the piano plays and all the vocalist sang in a polyphonic low pitch. In a slow tempo the songs goes by a quadruple meter at a mezzo forte dynamic. The vocalists began to sing at the forte level. Now the piano features the vocalist that formed a gapped chorale, singing “Kyrie eleison” over and over again. Unconsciously, the piano mixed with the vocalists and end the song in polyphonic texture. Moving on to credo, once again the piano and the vocalist bombard the stage, accompany each other. Shortly, the music diminuendo. The female vocalist on the left side…

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