The First Six Years Of My Life

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Growing up, I was a bizarre child. Being vocally muted for the first six years of my life, this made me very jealous of singers, so for the first eight years of my life, I hated music. This all changed one day, when I enter the first day of Mariachi class during 5th grade, just so I can simply avoid taking Judo for a third year. I walked in and there was a bunch of instruments on the floor. I was told to pick one and sit next to it. Therefore, I sat down next to the most peculiar one, the violin. Next, we went to another room, learned a how to hold a bow, and played a couple notes. From that day, I was hooked. As a result, I continued playing violin for seven years, upright bass for two years, and choral singing for three years. Music was something I grew up around and ended up influencing me to go to a performing arts middle and high school. My junior year, I took a film class …show more content…
Most freelance jobs do not require a degree, just samples that sound pleasant. You need to be creative for this career, without creativity, you will not be able to make much money in this career. There is no need for licenses for this career. Income for this career is not precise nor predictable. It can be as low as twenty thousand or as high as one hundred thousand. For freelancing jobs, your yearly income can be somewhere ten thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. This comes that stereotypically most freelancing jobs are about a week to two weeks long and range from one hundred to one hundred fifty dollars. To handle five freelance jobs during a two week period is something that is manageable for most people. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median pay for a film scorer in a hourly rate,is $23.95, which means the their yearly income is $49,820. When you take out taxes this leaves $37,365, which leaves $3,113.75 as your monthly pay. Now while this is something that can make things manageable, it is not

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