Art Of Teaching Music

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Music, for century’s it’s been in this world, passed by the method of teaching, creating, jobs, and a reason to teach so that every generation can enjoy. To many, music is like quantum mechanics in chemistry, it seems impossible to accomplish anything. Many feel that they can’t learn to read music or play an instrument. Anything is possible when you have the right attitude and the right TEACHER! When you take a class involving music, you want a teacher that makes the class come a life, and to many that’s all it take. Sometimes for many, it can be just a private lesion that helps it click. The Art of teaching music. Some of the best ways that an aspirating teacher can start his or hers class is to first assess each student. When you get a …show more content…
Most people do not release that music, epically in the United States, did not really become non single student teaching until after the 1600’s. Most students of music in those times where the children of rich families, or where the children of the teachers. Most teachers in the past used strict criticism to make their students try harder until the accomplished the piece or succeed in a part of skill training required. For most people, they don’t understand that in those times, if a teacher found you unteachable, they would give up on you before they waste any more of their time that they can spend with someone else making them great. Music has since then changed, and a lot of the old styles of teaching from that time period have dissipated but some teachers feel the need for them. There are many different styles of teaching and thinks to engage students. One of the most common styles of teaching is The Orff approach which is a way of teaching children about music that engages their mind and body through a mixture of singing, dancing, acting and the use of percussion instruments, helping the children learn at their own level of understanding. (Orff) There are many different ways and styles but these are just some of the most used thought the world and are the most proven to work best. But as the old saying goes, to each his

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