The Fear Of The Dark Essay

764 Words Mar 24th, 2016 4 Pages
The dark can be a paralyzing situation for many people with nyctophobia, the phobia of darkness. The dark could be described as one of two things. Either the fear of the absences of light, or the fear of what is unknown. Many people find themselves troubled with the fear even far into adulthood. The continuation of this fear can be very easily supported by much information that has been published about insomnia, and generalized fears of the dark. The fear of the dark may not be something all that dangerous, and may even be something that helps ensure ones safety. Andrew Tarantola aims to educated people in an article he posted about why having a fear of the dark is really a fear of something completely different. He digs deep into what really makes the dark fearful. He proposes that one is not really afraid of the fear of the missing light, but fearful of what could be lurking where cannot be seen (Tarantola). Being afraid may not be a negative aspect to this phobia, but could be helpful. If one is to dive into the dark with no fear they are missing a level of anxiety needed to help ensure safety. The fear can keep one on their toes and more aware of their surroundings. They may notice something dangerous that otherwise they would have overlooked. This fear can last long into adult hood, but may manifest itself in another form. That form is called insomnia. Students at Ryerson University in Toronto conducted an experiment to see if people with poor sleep habits…

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