Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

'Courage ' is a word that should not be used carelessly. To show courage one must be bold. It is to stand firmly for what you believe in when everyone has turned against you. Courage is a rare trait that is not commonly found in many people. In Harper Lee 's novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird" it shows that a person can be courageous in many different forms in almost any situation. The characters who display this feature in the novel are Jeremy "Jem" Atticus Finch, Arthur "Boo" Radley and Atticus Finch. They display courage by facing their fears and dealing with danger, going out of their comfort zones and standing up for what they believe in.
Jeremy “Jem” Atticus Finch is the eldest son of a Maycomb lawyer, Atticus Finch. He is older than his
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There are numerous of negative gossips about him and how dangerous and scary of a man he is. He has a brother named Nathan Radley who works and provides for him. In the novel Boo displays courage by going out of his comfort zone which is his home. The first is when Jem had left his pants caught in the fence of the Radley house. Boo has come out of the comfort of his own home and went out to grab Jem’s pants and mend it. He had laid it out across the fence neatly folded. After a week of the incident Jem finally talks about that night with Scout. “Jem took a deep breath. ‘When I went back, they were folded across the fence… like they were expectin’ me’” (78). This quote shows that Boo Radley is courageous because he is a reclusive man but he also tried to get out into the world and socialize with the Finch children. Boo also displays courage when he saved Jem and Scout from Bob on the night of the Halloween Pageant. This is what Scout has seen when Bob has stopped attacking them and was looking for Jem. “The man was walking with the staccato steps of someone carrying a load too heavy for him. He was going around the corner. He was carrying Jem” (352). Boo Radley once again stepped out of his comfort zone and went out to the dangerous world to save Jem and Scout. Boo Radley most likely heard the struggle from his house and went out to see what was going on. As a result, this strongly proves that Boo …show more content…
In Maycomb the people are so prejudiced about the whites always being right and that blacks were not supposed to have any say. In Tom Robinson’s case there are hardly any concrete facts that he had done it and yet the people of Maycomb are still accusing him. Atticus is courageous because he is risking his family’s name to be judged by the people of Maycomb just so the right thing could be done, which was to clear Tom Robinson’s name.
To conclude Jem Finch displays physical courage by proving that he could face his fears and deal with danger by going to the Radley house to retrieve his pants, and to touch it and by fighting off Bob Ewell when he attacked them. Boo Radley shows physical courage when he went out of the comfort of his home to fix Jem’s torn up pants and to rescue the Finch children. Atticus Finch displays physical and moral courage when he stood up for what he believed in when he shot the mad dog and when everyone in Maycomb doubted him because he defended Tom

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