The Examination Of Cole Valley Essay example

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eading Cole Valley
The examination of Cole Valley in San Francisco began at the intersection of Frederick and Cole Street. The observation occurred on September 22, 2016 at 10 o’ clock in the morning. The neighborhood is defined by a commercial area in the center with residential houses and apartment complexes in the surrounding area. On the periphery of Cole Valley, a variety of other developments were observed: churches, schools, restaurants and stores.
People: The racial demographics of Cole Valley is diverse. Black men in business suits paces around the block; a shaggy-haired white man walks two dogs; a fancily dressed Hispanic woman saunters, talking on her phone. Two college-age Asian women walks by just as a UCSF transit bus speeds through the road. At Cole and Fredrick Street, at least three stroller-bound mothers were seen walking in the short interval of 15 minutes. Many repairmen and construction contractors were seen in the north and east side of Cole Valley, remodeling the homes or painting the facade. Homeless people were not seen in the neighborhood. In terms of racial demographics, more white people were observed. In one instance, a Chinese newspaper clipping was posted on the front door of a house, suggesting that some Asian also live in the neighborhood. Seniors were rarely observed; often, young adults and middle-aged residents were seen. The people of Cole Valley are wealthy, as shown by the amenities and quality of the houses.
Land use: Cole Valley is…

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