The Cost Of Raising A Child Essay

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The cost of raising a child from birth until age 18 including college comes to 249,424 dollars on average in Chattanooga, Tn. Some people look at this as being ridiculous while others see it as a privilege. ("Cost of Raising a Child Calculator.") Women also use the risk in having birth as an excuse but actually the percentage is very low. Abortion is a low risk procedure as well but they both have chances into turning to be a major risk taker. ("About Abortion Procedures.")
Another big issue that is left hidden and not talked about is men’s rights on abortion. Most people don’t look at the father when it comes time to have an abortion. This huge conflict has the problem left unsolved. Technically speaking the man has the same amount of rights than the woman does. The father delivered the sperm and she created the egg so 50 percent of the effort was between the father and the mother. Politicians, scientists and maybe the Constitution along with Roe vs. Wade can answer that question easy. They say it is the woman’s body and that’s what separates the decision at the end of the day. People might ask why are they left to be the decision makers but in today’s society it is left up to the facts, straight up technical facts. We have left the decision making in their hands not because we had to but because people simply let them. However scientists and politicians and along with religious groups still are human and still make mistakes. There are still men out there fighting for…

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