Cost Of Abortion Essay

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The cost of raising a child from birth until age 18 including college comes to 249,424 dollars on average in Chattanooga, Tn. Some people look at this as being ridiculous while others see it as a privilege. ("Cost of Raising a Child Calculator.") Women also use the risk in having birth as an excuse but actually the percentage is very low. Abortion is a low risk procedure as well but they both have chances into turning to be a major risk taker. ("About Abortion Procedures.")
Another big issue that is left hidden and not talked about is men’s rights on abortion. Most people don’t look at the father when it comes time to have an abortion. This huge conflict has the problem left unsolved. Technically speaking the man has the same amount of rights
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It is hard to point out good things about a topic that is frowned upon by millions of people but there is always something good in a bad issue. The way people view abortion whether good or bad is not when it is decided but how it is decided. Abortions can be forced upon in a medical emergency. Women sometimes have to have an abortion because of their health, the baby’s health, or both. Now if the doctors decide to say it is dying that can be swayed. Religious people can expect a miracle and carry it to full term. The most talked about having the right to abort is being raped, but it actually only happens one percent of the time. Being sexually harassed is an understandable reason for not wanting the child but confusingly that’s not the number one reason why women have an abortion. Inconvenience is one of the top answers for abortion. Raped is second to last, last being by incest. It comes to be the inconvenience, financial, family’s thoughts, partner’s thoughts, and future careers before health issues, risks, and even rape. A mother that is unstable, not mentally capable of raising a child to its needs that is unloved and unwanted proves as a fact that the child will grow up to be unsuccessful. This child has a higher chance of being mentally and physically abused, involved in drugs and involved in crime. That is a reason that should be considered but not used as an excuse if no true. More than half of murders, pedophiles, …show more content…
Anti-abortionists seem to have a lot to say when it comes to the topic abortion. Many people say it’s a religion thing but really it is not. There is a lot behind an abortion than just religion. However most religions do believe it is morally wrong to abort a child as a Christian. It is a fact that Christians aren’t the only religion that is against abortion. The Hindu religion is also against abortion, they believe that abortion is the same as killing their own parents. They find it very cruel and unholy. Another religion is Buddhism; they completely reject abortion because they believe to them it involves destroying a life. There are also statists stating against abortion women that have abortions are more likely to suffer mentally and even physically. It is a proven fact that most have to go to a psychological clinic because of confusion or depression. Women that are non-religious have had many problems and regret to have an abortion ("Stories About Abortion.") One of the main reasons mothers regret having an abortion is from the lack of knowledge in the whole process of their pregnancy. The lack of knowledge before and after an abortion can really affect the mother mentally in great ways. Moms may feel that maybe it wasn’t the right choice even if they did not want the baby, not knowing the steps of the pregnancy and not being exposed to what all being pregnant and the understanding of bringing up a child makes the mother less

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