Essay The Complexity Of The Human Mentality

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The mind is such a complex and convoluted part of the human body. Our memory and the way we perceive and interpret things is a concept that is truly fascinating to me. In the 1961 French film “Last year in Marienbad” the complexity of the human mentality is tested both within in the film itself with the main characters but also outside it with the viewers themselves. A majority of the film takes place in a hotel and focuses on an unnamed woman who is approached by an unnamed man who claims that they 've met before just a year ago. He spends the entirety of the film attempting to convince and remind her of their past with little success. It’s fascinating because even now as I attempt to describe the film I find myself second guessing what can truly be classified as concrete about the story 's plot opposed to what I might have interpreted in my own mind to be true. Which leads me to my main point. I believe the filmmakers of this film deliberately left the film open to its viewers interpretation and did so by using non-narrative forms of storytelling, equipping the viewer with equally unreliable sources of information, and providing vague scenarios and unanswered questions throughout the entirety of the film.
A lot of this films notoriety comes from how cryptically structured it is in terms of the narrative, which has attracted a lot of critique, both good and bad. Because non-narrative storytelling in this way was so new at this time of filmmaking, the praise along with the…

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