The Time Travelers Wife Analysis

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Traveling Through Time: The Review of a Past Review The Time Travelers Wife is a movie that was written by Bruce Joel Rubin and Jeremy Leven, directed by Robert Schwentke, and was released to the theaters on August 14, 2009. This review was written by a man named Joshua Starnes on a website called, which entire purpose is to be able to look at all the new movies, video games, etcetera that are coming out soon in one place. The Time Travelers Wife is a Drama, Romance, Science fiction, and Fantasy all meshed together into one movie about a guy named Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) who is trying to create a stable future with his wife Clare Abshire (Racheal McAdams) despite the fact that he is a carrier of a rare genetic disorder …show more content…
This particular review of The Time Travelers Wife has a very poor inclusion of details throughout the entire thing. Although it does make sure to highlight certain areas that have a decent discussion of certain aspects, the lack of discussion on other aspects is completely overwhelming. The review doesn’t discuss in many details over important characteristics of a review which include; the writing or direction. The most detail that Starnes gets into over the writing and direction consist of one short and straight to the point sentence “Schwentke and screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin (“Ghost”) get some good, safe mileage out of the situations” (Starnes). If he was able to elaborate on the ideas of how good or bad the writing of the screenplay is and do the same on the quality of the Director, while also adding into the review about how the screenplay and the direction either added or took away from the entire movie this review would have a better shot of being decent. With there being such an overwhelming lack of detail, there is nothing for the reader to go on when deciding if the movie is worth it or …show more content…
Toward the end of the review, Joshua Starnes goes into a very well written summary of the movie. Starnes makes sure to highlight what is considered to be the overall summary while highlighting the main point, and adding in some of the smaller points. The way he lays the summary out allowed for a straight to the point length that is easy to read. The best short and to the point description Starnes was able to provide about the life of Henry and Clare through the movie is; “Their life is reduced to a series of episodes, quickly gotten past, without any of the compromises that fill real life" (Starnes). While the movie may not have been laid out in the best ways, Starnes is able to convey the summary in a well-written manner.
In conclusion, this specific review over The Time Travelers Wife written by Joshua Starnes is an extremely poorly written review. The fact that Starnes was able to go into good detail about the overall summary of the movie was one thing that did, in fact, add to the value of the review. On the other hand, because he did not write at an adequate enough length to discuss the movie well enough, failed to discuss any of the actors and their acting quality except for one, and because he just did not add in many details about any of the movie-making aspects, this is an overall very poor

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