The Community College System Of California Essay

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The community college system in the state of California has a unique governing structure that practice shared governance (California Community College, 2016). There are17 board members that are appointed by the state’s governor. The board of governor has the legislative authority to establish and implement policies for the institution. Members of the Board of Governors are required to meets 11 times per year. The Board of Governors appoints the Chancellor of the Community College. On May 16, 2016, Erik E. Skinner was appointed as the interim Chancellor for (CCC). The primary role of the Chancellor is to supervise and coordinates the efforts of the following divisions: Academic Affairs; Student Services and Special Programs; Economic Development and Workforce Preparation; and College Finance and Facilities Planning (California Community College Chancellor’s Office, 2016). California has the largest and most affordable Community College system in the nation; hence the community college system encompasses approximately 113 colleges organized in 72 districts. Each of the college districts has a locally elected Board of Trustees, that are required to be responsive to the needs of the community and local operations of the college campuses (California Community College, 2016). The Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing the campus president at the community college. The president is responsible for overseeing the operations and the budgets of those colleges…

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